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Champage Problems – What is that and How do I get it?

Account-ant Champagne Problems

Hitting the VAT threshold where you must charge VAT on sales and reclaim VAT on purchases is a point in time that strikes fear and dread into a lot of business owners (particularly those serving the public)…. But, it should be something to celebrate (at least momentarily). First let me give you a bit of background. Businesses in the UK are required to register for VAT purposes once they reach a TURNOVER of £85,000. Some industries can hit the threshold…

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Here In My Car - Account-ant

Here In My Car

Anyone that knows me, knows I’m not precious in the slightest about my car. It gets me from A to B. I NEVER, ever buy new. Maybe it’s an…

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Show Me the Money - Account-ant

Show Me The Money

“Hi, I’m Adam, Prince of Eternia and Defender of The Secrets of Castle Greyskull….Fabulous Secret Powers were revealed to me the day I held aloft my magic sword and…

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