Council Audits & Project Work

With 4 years experience in Parish Council Audits we have gained an impressive number of clients up and down the UK, some of which have been with us since the beginning and many that have been with us with multiple years.

To stay impartial, we swap Auditors within our business every 3 years so your Council can stay with one supplier for a longer period which ultimately saves time and energy that could be spent on other projects.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide efficient, fully off site audits using digital copies, so there’s no need to carve out a full day to speak to your internal auditor!

We contact our list of Parish & Town Councils in January each year to check how they are fixed for their audits in the coming year so adding yourself to our mailing list does not mean you will get inudated with emails. No spam is or promise to you.

We have also recently started to undertake project work on behalf of Councils where they need a spare pair of hands to just get a job done. If this is also something of interest, drops us an email at

If you would like us to get in contact with you, please press the below button to launch a short questionaire.